Friday, 2 June 2017

Rava Vadiyalu recipe - Suji Papad recipe in Hindi

Rava Vadiyalu in telugu or suji papad recipe in hindi or Semolina fryums in english is yet another summer special recipe and one among many vadiyalu varieties. These Bombay (Upma) Rava Vadiyalu taste good with sambar rice, curd rice, any flavoured rice etc. We usually buy papads from grocery stores, but these are very easy to  make at home. Summer is the best season to make these sun dried fryums at home. These fryums can be best served as a snack to munch upon.

Rava vadiyalu recipe - suji papad recipe in hindi

Early in the morning prepare the vadiyalu mixture, spread a plastic sheet on your terrace or in your balcony where you can get proper sun light directly instead of just sun shade. Start shaping vadiyalu and within half an hour or so your vadams will be prepared. In my childhood in our grandma's home, my mom, grandma and my aunts used to cook the vadam mixture in large quantities.

On the terrace they all used to sit and shape the vadams sipping over the hot cups of chai and biscuits indulging in some chit chat. Hmmm what a refreshing and happy mornings na!

They used to make different variety of vadams each day, on day one they make these vadiyalu, the next day they make saggubiyyam vadiyalu, atukula vadiyalu on the other day etc. Atukula vadiyalu are my most favourite vadams. They also prepare different varieties of mango pickles too. What a golden days they were, no responsibilities and no worries. Just play, play and play filling our little tummies with yummy foods such as varietyies of vadiyalu and mango pickle recipes and aam ras in the evenings along with wide variety of ice creams ofcourse !

Ingredients for Rava Vadiyalu recipe - Suji Papad recipe 

(Makes 45 to 50 vadiyalu) 

1. Bombay (Upma) rava / sooji / semolina - 1 cup
2. Water - 7 cups
3. Salt - To Taste
4. Cumin Seeds - 1 tbsp
5. Food Colour - 1/8 tsp (You can use any colour of your choice, I used yellow)
6. Sesame Seeds - 2 tbsps

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How to make Rava Vadiyalu recipe (Suji Papad recipe in Hindi) at home with step by step pictures

1. Heat a thick bottomed pan, add 7 cups of water, salt, cumin seeds and sesame seeds

rava vadiyalu recipe ingredients

2. When water comes to a rolling boil, simmer the flame and add rava
3. Stir rava continuously to avoid any lumps

bombay (upma) rava vadiyalu

4. Once the rava is nicely mixed in water, cook it till it becomes transparant

5. When this transparant consistency of rava is obtained and you feel the mixture is thickening up switch off the flame immediately

bombay rava vadiyalu procedure

6. The mixture should be in transparant, thin and in pouring consistency, if it hardens then we cannot make vadams

7. Now divide the mixture into 2 parts, add food colour to one part of the mixture, keep other part as it is.

8. Now cool both the mixtures for a minute and not more

rava vadiyalu - suji papad recipe

9. Spread a plastic sheet on terrace or in your balcony if you get proper sun light there

10. Using a small spoon start pouring a spoonful of this mixture on the sheet and spread the  mixture to a thin layer as shown in the pic.

rava vadiyalu - suji papad - semolina fryums

11. Don't make thick vadams, because thicker vadams take longer time to dry up and also will become hard to chew after frying the vadams

12. So make sure you make thinner vadams and spread them in a single thinner layer

13. After making all the vadams using both mixtures, allow these vadams to dry in the sunlight for 1 whole day

14. In the evening bring the sheet back to your home, the next day morning keep the sheet again under sun light

15. After 2 days of drying, vadams will come out of the sheet easily
16. Now flip these vadams on to the other side and dry them for 2 more days
17. In almost 5 to 6 days of drying our vadams will become hard and crunchy
18. Now our vadams are ready, store them in an air tight container and fry them in hot oil whenever needed

19. Rava Vadiyalu aka Suji papad make a great combination for steamed rice, any curry of your choice and sambar

rava vadiyalu in telugu - suji papad in hindi

Tips to make rava vadiyalu crispy:

1. I used a bigger laddle to pour vadam mixture so I got 50 vadams. If you use a smaller spoon then you can get more vadams.

2. If the batter thickens while shaping vadams then add little warm water mix nicely, now the consistency of rava mixture comes to thin and pouring consistency, start shaping vadams again.

3. Take care the rava should be properly cooked in the water and should become transparant as shown in the pic, otherwise after frying vadams the rava turns hard to chew which is not desired.