Friday, 16 June 2017

Dalia Upma - Broken Wheat Upma - Cracked Wheat Upma - Daliya for weight loss recipe

Dalia Upma recipe or Broken wheat upma or Cracked wheat upma recipe is originally a South Indian breakfast recipe. In different languages this recipe is known as godhuma rava upma in telugu, samba rava upma in tamil, Sooji Gothambu or Nurukku Gothambu uppumavu in malayalam, rave uppittu or sajjige uppittu recipe in kannada. This is a healthy, delicious and nourishing breakfast. 

Dalia is made from whole wheat grains and is rich in fibre that comes from the husk of whole wheat grains.

You can also watch this Dalia Upma preparation video here with step by step instructions.

Dalia recipe for weight loss is a must in your breakfast list as it is rich in fibre, low in fat, low in calories so good for weight loss.

It has twice the fibre content compared to brown rice. And also it is high in glycemic index so good for diabetics. 

Adding loads of vegetables in this recipe make it even more nutritious. Squeeze some lemon juice while eating or you can consume this with skimmed milk yogurt as well. Also probiotic yogurt is widely available in markets now-a-days. Do try that to improve, 
cleanse and nourish your gut's digestion. 

You can prepare many recipes using this dalia. In olden days, daliya was used only to prepare "Prasadacha Sheera" i.e. Godhuma rava sheera prasadam which is prepared only during Lord Satya narayana swamy's Pooja and offered as prasad. But now-a-days a lot of 
research has been gone through this grain and is discovered that it helps in weight loss.

We can prepare many wonderful breakfast and lunch recipes using dalia such as dalia idli, dalia dosa, daliya pongal, daliya porridge etc. Today I am showing how to prepare dalia upma i.e. broken wheat upma recipe for weight loss management. I have cooked this in a kadai, if preparing in large quantities then you can use pressure cooker. I have added tomato and carrot, you can add green peas, bell peppers, potatoes also.

This Dalia Upma recipe is another variation of regular upma but made using broken wheat rava instead of regular sooji rava (Bombay rava). Also this broken wheat rava is found in two varieties i.e. large (coarsely ground) rava and small (less coarsely ground) rava. I used small broken wheat rava, you can make this recipe using large variety also.

Ingredients to make Dalia Upma recipe for weight loss:

1. Dalia (Broken Wheat) - 1 Cup
2. Water -  3 cups
3. Oil - 3 tsps
4. Green chilies - 2
5. Onion - 1
6. Tomato - 1 
7. Carrot - 1
8. Curry leaves - 1 sprig
9. Corriander leaves - 4 to 5 sprigs
10. Salt - To Taste
11. Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
12. Cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp
13. Black gram (Urad dal) - 1/2 tsp 
14. Bengal gram (Channa dal) - 1/2 tsp

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How to make dalia upma or broken wheat upma with step by step photos:

1. Heat a pan, add oil, let the oil become hot

2. Now add mustard and cumin seeds, add urad and channa dals

3. Saute for a minute, now add finely chopped gren chillies and onion pieces, curry leaves

4. Saute till onions turn transparant.

5. Now add chopped carrot pieces and cook till carrots become nice and crunchy, if adding green peas and any other veggies of your choice, you can add at this stage and cook till all the veggies turn crunchy

6. Add tomatoes, salt and cook for 2 more minutes

7. Now add dalia and fry for a minute

8. Dalia changes its colour slightly and nice aroma pops out which means dalia is properly roasted now add water and mix nicely

9. Cover and cook on a low flame till dalia is finely cooked, keep stirring in between so that dalia doesn't get burnt at the bottom of the pan

10. Once dalia is properly cooked, switch off the flame, our Dalia Upma recipe is ready, dish it out onto a serving plate, garnish with coriander leaves and serve with lemon juice, yogurt or any chutney of your choice.