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Methi na thepla recipe gujarati (Methi Roti) - How to make recipe of methi ke thepla at home

Methi na thepla recipe gujarati style aka methi roti is a popular and most common north indian breakfast recipe. This gujarati methi thepla recipe is a healthy version of making theplas i.e. spiced rotis. This recipe of methi thepla is very simple and hassle free. Basically these are flat breads made using whole wheat flour, fenugreek leaves and some spices.  Methi aka Fenugreek leaves are very good for health. 

Methi na thepla recipe gujarati - Methi Roti

Instead of making just plain rotis for breakfast or dinner, it is healthier to add green leafy veggies in them. Just like methi ke thepla you can also make palak theplas, coriander theplas, lauki theplas etc. 

Difference between a thepla (roti) and a paratha is quite simple. In parathas we make a 

dent in the wheat dumpling and stuff the mixture inside, seal the edges, roll it into a roundel and then press it flat. Whereas in Theplas, instead of stuffing the mixture in wheat dumpling, we directly add the dry masala in wheat flour itself, form a dough, pinch a small dough ball and press it flat.

Fenugreek leaves will be bitter in taste, so to cut down the bitterness in these gujarati methi thepla I used peanut and roasted channa dal powder in this recipe. Yoghurt and any spicy pickle of your choice are the best serving dips for Methi ka thepla. Let us proceed to know how to make methi thepla at home.

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Ingredients to make Methi na thepla recipe gujarati style - Methi Roti

1. Wheat Flour (Atta) - 3 cups
2. Peanuts - 1/4 cup
3. Roasted Channa Dal - 1/4 cup
4. Garlic - 10 pods
5. Fenugreek Leaves (Methi Leaves) - 1 bunch (or 1 cup finely chopped)
6. Curry Leaves - 2 strands
7. Coriander Leaves - 5 strands
8. Green Chillies - 2
9. Salt - To Taste
10. Oil - 2 tsps
11. Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
12. Hing - 1/4 tsp
13. Water - As Needed

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How to make methi thepla recipe - Methi Ki Roti

1. In a chopper crush peanuts, roasted channa dal and garlic to a fine powder and keep aside
2. Heat oil in a pan and when oil is hot add cumin seeds, once they splutter add hing, curry leaves, green chillies and fenugreek leaves
3. Add little salt as needed for the leaves and fry till fenugreek leaves are nicely cooked, add coriander leaves and dishout
4. Switch off the flame and cool this stuff completely
5. In a bowl take wheat flour, add above crushed powder, fried stuffing, salt, water as needed and mix nicely to a dough

atta preparation for methi thepla

6. Now roll the dough and make rotis
7. Heat a pan and cook rotis on both the sides by applying little oil, hot, yummy and healthy theplas are ready

shaping gujarati methi thepla

8. Methi na thepla recipe gujarati style is ready. Serve these Methi Roti with curd and any pickle of your choice.

how to make methi thepla recipe gujarati