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Aviri Kudumulu Recipe in Telangana Style with Kandi ginjalu (Pigeon peas)

Aviri Kudumulu Recipe a telangana Style steamed delicacy which I have made with Kandi ginjalu and rice flour. This kudumulu recipe in telugu is also called kozhukattai in tamil which can be made in both sweet and savory versions. This particular recipe is a savoury version where rice flour and Kandi ginjalu (Pigeon peas in english or Tuvar Lilva in hindi) are mixed and steamed together. 

Aviri Kudumulu Recipe with Kandi ginjalu

Generally the commonly used beans are Hyacinth beans (Anapakaya in Telugu or Avarekalu in Kannada) which is quite popular in Telangana region of India.

These beans are usually available during winters. It is a very nutritious and healthy breakfast recipe or any past time snack. The procedure is also very simple and easy as very few ingredients go into its making. Previously I have made kudumulu recipe with Anapa ginjalu and this is my favourite one. Kandi ginjala Kudumulu or Thuvaram Payiru Kozhukattai also taste similar. 

Usually these aaviri kudumulu will be served with oil, If you don't like oil as the dip then you can have these as it is. They taste heavenly and also steamed delicacies are good for people on diet as these have very little calories and beans add a great nutritious quotient. 

Hyacinth beans and Pigeon peas are usually available during winters only. But you can try with broad beans (Chikkudu ginjalu in Telugu) also as these are available through out the year and in winter season and kandi ginjalu and anapa ginjalu are easily available in the markets.

Kandi ginjalu - Kandi Kayalu - Pigeon Peas

Ingredients for Aviri Kudumulu Recipe

1. Rice Flour - 2 cups
2. Pigeon Peas (Kandi ginjalu) - 2 cups
3. Green Chillies - 5 nos
4. Spring Onion Leaves - 1 cup (Chopped)
5. Coriander Leaves - 1 cup (Chopped)
6. Salt - To taste
7. Oil - To taste
8. Water - As Needed

kudumulu preparation:

How to make kudumulu recipe with rice flour and Kandi ginjalu in telangana Style

1. Boil pigeon peas by adding some salt and cook till seeds turn soft and not gooey, drain off remaining water

Boiled Pigeon Peas

2. Grind green chillies by adding little salt to a thick paste

3. Now take rice flour in a bowl and add these boiled peas to it
4. Also add chilli paste, chopped coriander leaves, spring onion leaves and some more salt, mix nicely

kudumulu recipe preperation with rice flour

5. Now add water as needed, roll it to a dough and make small apple sized balls using the dough

6. Take each ball, flatten it and press in the middle i.e. make a dent so that it takes the shape of a kudumu as shown below
7. Likewise prepare kudumulu using entire dough and keep them aside
8. Now pour a glass of water in a pressure cooker, apply oil to a idli plate, arrange all these kudumulu on that plate as a heap
9. Pour 2 tbsps of oil on these kudumulu from top to bottom of the heap and in each kudumu so that they might not stick to each other after boiling

10. Now put this plate in the pressure cooker, close the lid of the cooker and do not put whistle. Steam for almost 20 minutes

steamed lilva recipe

11. Once you switch off the flame, open the lid after 5 minutes and take out each kudumu carefully into the serving plate as they will be very hot

kudumulu in idli stand

12. Yummy kandi ginjala kudumulu are ready to serve, you can serve it with any fresh cooking oil as the dip

kudumulu telangana style

Few Tips:

1. Shape kudumulu in a medium size, if you make them thicker then, it takes a longer time to get cooked properly and will be hard while eating. Also, if you make them thinner then, they might break while preparing or even after steaming

2. I feel the taste of kudumulu lies in spring onion leaves also along with beans used. So don't hesitate to add these greens. 

If you like this recipe of Kudumulu with Kandi ginjalu do share with your friends and family.

Kudumulu Recipe