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dahi mirchi, sukhi dahi mirchi recipe - majjiga or challa mirapakayalu

Dahi Mirchi or Challa Mirapakayalu is one of my favourite fryum varieties. Curd is called as Challa, perugu or Majjiga in telugu and Green Chillies as Mirapakayalu. It is also called Sukhi Dahi Mirchi in Hindi and Sun Dried Curd Chillies in english. These are usually made during hot and scorching summers as it is the perfect time for the chillies to get dried up completely.

dahi mirchi recipe - sukhi dahi wali mirchi

I hate summers because of the scorching heat but I do love it as summer is the season which I enjoyed a lot during my childhood.
We cousins used to go to our grandma's place during the long summer holidays of our school. My grandpa used to bring mangoes which is the king of all fruits. We cousins used to fight for mangoes, we use to hide our mangoes saying we didn't get any and cry for more.

Everywhere around there would be a festive atmosphere, my grand mom, mom and my aunts used to be very busy making different varieties of vadiyams, like challa mirapakayalu, sago vadiyams, gummadi vadiyams etc. They also make different varieties of pickles such as mango pickle, lemon pickle etc and also many special recipes using mangoes such as halwas, juices, ice creams and what not. After holidays we used to come back to our homes and fall into our daily routine meanwhile cherishing those unforgettable and lovely holidays. Well my childhood ended long back now let us jump in and learn how to make dahi wali mirchi recipe

Challa Mirapakayalu or Majjiga mirapakayalu Recipe: (Stays good for 1 year)

Dahi Mirchi Recipe - Challa mirapakayalu - Ingredients

1. Green Chillies - 250 gms (Dark green coloured and tall and straight chillies should be selected as dark green colored chillies will be more spicy than light colored chillies)
2. Curd - 500 gms
3. Salt - To Taste

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How to make Sukhi Dahi Mirchi Recipe - Challa Mirapakayalu

1. Wash and wipe green chillies using a dry cotton cloth
2. Once you are done with wiping green chillies now make a slit on each chilli lengthwise keeping the stalks and ends intact as shown in the pic. You can keep the seeds or remove it is your wish, but I prefer keeping the seeds

Green chillies - mirchi

3. Now in a blender add curd and salt and blend till nice buttermilk is obtained. Buttermilk should neither be too thick nor too thin
4. You can add very little water while making buttermilk but it is purely optional. Don't add too much water as water decreases the taste

dahi - butter milk - curd

5. Pour the buttermilk in a flat bottomed vessel and immerse the slit green chillies
completely in the buttermilk

6. Put the vessel in sun light throughout the day, bring back the bowl during evenings and cover it with a plate. Covering with a plate during nights is nothing but to protect chillies and buttermilk from any insects etc 

dahi and mirchi marination

7. Repeat this procedure of putting vessel in sunlight during daytime and bringing it back and covering throughout the night, till all the buttermilk in the bowl is evaporated or dried up
8. Meanwhile you will notice the green chillies start turning pale and whiter in colour

9. Once the buttermilk is dried up completely, spread a paper or plastic sheet and place each chilli on it

Sun drying green chillies with curd

10. Drag this paper or plastic sheet along with chillies over it into the sun light in your balcony every morning and bring it back every evening
11. Repeat this procedure till each chilli becomes completely crisp and whiter
12. This whole drying procedure may take 10 to 15 days depending upon sunlight
13. Now store these curd chillies in an airtight container
14. While using, heat some oil in a pan and fry each curd chilli, it turns to dark brown in colour after frying
15. Serve these  Dahi Mirchi or Curd Chillies recipe with rice, dal and rasam or with any of your favourite dishes, most people like eating curd chillies with curd rice and Mango Pickle.

Challa Mirapakayalu - Majjiga Mirapakayalu