Sunday, 27 March 2016

Thandai Recipe Holi Special - How to make Thandai Powder or Masala at home

Hi friends,I am happy to announce my 100th post on how to make Thandai Recipe a flavoured milk recipe in my beautiful blog space. Though it took a lot of time for me to post my 100th recipe, so far the journey with my beautiful blog is awesome. After creating a blog space to post my recipes, my interests in cooking increased, I learnt a lot of new recipes in this process. I have celebrated this occasion by preparing a tasty almonds ( badam ) flavoured milk drink with thandai masala powder also called "Sardai" on the occasion of Holi.    

Thandai is a flavoured milk drink which is also prepared during Mahashivrathri festival. Thandai by name means a drink which is served chilled and is a nice Summer Coolant.
A day before Holi I was googling to know the special recipes for Holi. I came to know that Thandai and Gujiya are popular in North India and we will learn how to make thandai recipe . Coming to Gujiya, it is a time taking process. I don't want to spend much time cooking as I have to play Holi and enjoy the day. So I felt this is an easy to make recipe and it doesn't take much time.

Thandai cools down the body and acts as a nice refreshing agent. I prepared this drink on the day of Holi and my hubby loved it a lot. He asked me to make the this at least once a week during the whole summer. Fennel Seeds and Cardamom add a nice flavour and cool refreshing feel to the drink.

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Thandai Recipe - Ingredients

1. Milk - 1/2 ltr
2. Sugar - 1 n 1/2 tbsps
3. Saffron - Few strands

How to make Thandai Powder or Thandai Masala

1. Almonds or Badam - 20
2. Melon Seeds - 1 tsp
3. Poppy Seeds - 1 tsp
4. Fennel Seeds (Saunf) - 1 tsp
5. Cardamom - 5 to 6
6. Peppercorns - 10

For Garnishing:  
1. Pistachios - 2 to 3 finely chopped per serving
2. Saffron Strands - 2 to 3 per serving
3. Rose Petals - 1 to 2 per serving 


How to make Thandai recipe with homemade Thandai Powder or Masala

1. Take all the ingredients under "To Grind" list in a bowl and soak for 10 minutes
2. Meanwhile boil milk along with sugar
3. Once sugar melts, switch off the flame and cool the milk completely
4. Grind soaked ingredients to a fine paste along with the water used for soaking
5. Mix the paste in milk and refrigerate the milk for some time
6. Once the milk becomes chilled, strain the milk and discard the pulp of the ingredients
7. Pour the strained Thandai in small glasses and garnish with saffron strands, rose petals and chopped pistachios
8. Saunf and cardamoms give a nice refreshing flavour to the milk
9. Almonds and poppy seeds give a light creamy texture
10. Your chilled "Thandai Recipe" or "Sardai" is ready