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How to make Kasuri Methi at home, Methi Leaves Nutrition Facts

Making kasuri Methi at home is very simple and easy to store. Methi leaves nutrition is very good for health. Kasoori Methi Powder which is available in markets is nothing but dried fenugreek leaves. Let us know the difference between methi and kasuri methi, methi leaves are cooked by itself as a vegetable or can be mixed with others vegetables or moong dal, where as this methi powder is used for seasoning to enhance the flavor generally used in north indian recipes.

How to make Kasuri Methi at home

It is most commonly used in gravy recipes. It gives a nice flavor and
aroma to the recipe and also gives a restaurant like look and feel.
Kasoori Methi is crushed in palm and added to the recipes which mostly contain milk cream as one of the ingredient.

I have shown sun dried procedure. You can wash, pat dry and roast the leaves to make the instant version. But sun dried version stays for longer time.

Methi Leaves Nutrition facts

Methi leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals includes carbohydrates, protein, calcium, iron. As it is rich source of calcium it is good for arthritis and iron is good for treating anemic condition.


Methi in pregnancy

Good for lactating mothers as it increases breast milk production. Reduces labour pain, but caution, excess intake may cause miscarriage or premature child birth. Include this veggie in diet as its is good source of iron because women are more prone to iron deficiency during pregnancy

How to make Kasuri Methi at home - Procedure

(Makes: 50 gms of Powder)

Take 10 small bunches of Fenugreek Leaves
2. Wash and spread mint leaves along with stems in a plate
3. Put the plate in sunlight for 1 or 2 days
4. The leaves should become very crisp because of the hot sunlight
5. Now crush the mint leaves along with their stems using your hands and store them in
an air tight container

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Kasuri methi recipes:

We can also make parathas and puris using this Methi powder. 
It is also used in many recipes like Methi Matar Malai, Methi Chicken, Methi Paneer, Aloo Methi etc. 

Homemade Kasuri Methi leaves powder and its nutrition facts