Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Green Tea Before Bed - 3 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before sleeping

Green Tea Before Bed time and its health benefits, before that let us know few facts about green tea. The antioxidants in tea help to boost immune system and reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, it can fight respiratory infections. Some people also make green tea gargling as a habit. 

Drinking Green Tea Before Bed Time

3 Benefits of drinking green tea before bed time  

  • According to research and studies drinking green tea at evening time may reduce the flu upto good extent.

  • Flavonoids in green tea help to fight against internal inflammations.

It's best to have green tea 30 minutes before your meals and not after else it dilutes the gastric juices resulting in improper digestion.

Can green tea lower blood pressure?   

Yes, because now days we have short sleep durations due to busy and hectic life but usually a person should have sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Short sleep may increase high blood pressure and less than 5 hours may have 3 times increased risk of heart attacks.

Does green tea help you lose weight?   

Yes, then let us know how does green tea burns fat. If you take green tea with honey before bed time after the meals  it boosts metabolism by stimulating natural bowel movements and helps to burn fat and which has now become the daily routine drink for weight loss aspirants.  When you visit the supermarket you will find many brands of green tea, then you should know what kind of tea helps you lose weight which will be discussed later in a different topic.

How often should you drink green tea?  

One cup in the morning, one before your lunch, one in evening and one before dinner. But make sure you take in smaller amounts because anything over the limit is not good. Caution taking excessive green tea may lead to anxiety and I have seen how my friend suffered from that.

The right way to take Green Tea Before Bed time

Most of us know the benefits of drinking green tea in the morning but you should know these benefits of drinking green tea before bed time and really it has positive results.