Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Jujubes Recipe Indian - Regi Pallu or Regi Pandu Chikki Recipe with Sugar

Jujubes Recipe Indian style an easy homemade recipe with sugar. In telugu we call this fruit as Regi pallu, this Regi pandu in english is called as jujube fruit, available in different sizes, colors and tastes. It is a unique and healthy fudge recipe made with green jujube yet similar to dry fruit chikki recipe. Jujube is a tasty berry fruit available in markets during winter, so I thought of making these chikkis for this pongal or sankrati festival. 

Jujubes Recipe Indian - Jujubes Fruit Fudge

Bigger size fruits which are almost the size of plums are referred to as Seema Regi pallu or Ganga Regipandu in Telugu language
but they won't taste as much good as the smaller ones. These are rich in nutrients so i planned to prepare a Jujubes Recipe Indian style

This Jujube fruit is initially green in colour and as they ripe they change to brownish colour. The firm white colored pulp inside the fruit changes to gooey and creamish in colour. The Jujube fruit as it ripens increases in its nutrient values too.

So most people doesn't like to eat the bigger ones. The bigger jujubes are really not of much taste. I wanted to make some recipe using the bigger seema regi pandu so that I can enhance its taste. And that is how I discovered this unique recipe.

Regi pallu - Regi pandu - Seema Regi pandu - Ganga Regipandu - Indian jujube fruit


Jujubes Recipe Indian style - Regi Pallu or Regi Pandu Chikki recipe with sugar

1. Regi Pandu (Jujubes) - 2
2. Ghee - 2 tbsps
3. Sugar - 6 tsps

4. Almonds - 1 tsp
5. Cashews - 1 tsp

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How to make Jujubes recipe indian style - Regi Pallu  Chikki recipe with sugar

1. Wash, deseed and chop jujube fruits into small chunks
2. Heat a pan, add ghee
3. Once ghee is melted, add jujube chunks and fry for about 5 minutes till chunks shrink and change to pale in colour
4. Now
roast nuts in the ghee, add sugar and keep mixing
5. Let the sugar cook till 2 string consistency is reached
6. Now switch off the flame and pour this into a plate greased with ghee
7. Let it cool down or you can refrigerate it
8. When it becomes stiff cut into squares and serve
9. Yummy and easy chikkis using jujube fruit is ready
10. Shelf life is 2 days when refrigerated

Hope you have learned a healthy and easy homemade jujubes recipe indian style.

Regi pandu oe Regi Pallu Chikki - Jujube Brittle - Jujube Fudge - Fruit Chikki