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Boondi Laddu Recipe in telugu - Boondi Laddu Recipe andhra style

Boondi Laddu Recipe is yummy and most preferred among other Laddu recipes in telugu community. It is a must to be present sweet in the Lunch menu of Indian weddings and festivals like Pongal/sankranthi/Diwali. Today i will show you how to make Boondi Laddu Recipe andhra style. Laddoos are basically a round ball shaped sweet made using flour, sugar and oil of-course. Unlike other Laddus it is very difficult to make. 

Boondi Laddu Recipe in telugu

Learn how to make boondi laddu recipe at home step by step. First you need to have a good hands on experience in making boondi recipe. 

Later comes shaping the Laddoos into round balls while the stuff is still warm, which is the most difficult part in making this sweet recipe.

Boondi Laddu Recipe andhra style - Ingredients

1. Besan Flour - 200 gms
2. Sugar - 150 gms
3. Water - As needed
4. Cashews - 25 gms
5. Raisins - 25 gms
6. Cardamom Powder - 1 tsp
7. Oil - For Deep Frying

Boondi Laddu Recipe in telugu, step by step procedure

How to make Boondi:

1. Heat oil for deep frying in a heavy bottomed pan or kadai
2. In a bowl, add water to besan flour and mix nicely without any lumps
3. Consistency of the batter is very much important for making Laddoos. Batter should neither be too thin nor too thick

4. To check the proper consistency of the batter, When oil is hot put a small drop of the batter into hot oil
5. This small drop of batter should immediately puff up into a bubble and should come up and float on top of the oil. This bubble is referred to as Boondhi. Hence the recipe named Boondi Laddu.

how to make boondi for ladoo

6. Also the boondi should not have any tail i.e. it should be round in shape
7. If
boondi is not properly round in shape, then later when you pour a ladle full of batter, each boondi formed will stick to each other while frying, which is not desired
8. For making Laddu recipe we need to use 2 ladles which have holes. One ladle should be bigger in size and another a bit smaller one

9. If you are sure with the consistency then start making
boondi. For this hold big ladle with holes on top of hot oil pan and pour a cup full of batter on it
10. Batter oozes out from holes of the ladle and fall into hot oil
11. As soon as they fall in hot oil they puff up as bubbles 
and float on top of oil
12. When these bubbles float on oil, using a smaller ladle with holes remove the bubbles from oil and drain them in a strainer

Boondi and Dry fruits - how to make Boondi Laddu

13. Likewise make
boondi using entire batter in many batches
14. When the batter is finished now proceed to make sugar syrup or paakam

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How to make Sugar Syrup for Boondi Laddu Recipe:


15. Put sugar in a separate pan and add water till the sugar is immersed in water. Heat this till 2 string consistency of the sugar syrup is obtained
16. Switch off the flame for sugar syrup, add cardamom powder and
boondi prepared into the sugar syrup. Also fry dry fruits cashews, raisins and add them too

Sugar Syrup - Pakam for Boondi Laddoos

17. Mix the whole thing and let it cool down for 10 to 15 minutes. It should be warm enough but not completely cooled down
18. Now wear plastic gloves, grease them with ghee and roll the stuff into Laddu when the stuff is warm
19. Wearing gloves is mandatory because we should roll them when stuff is still warm

Sweet Boondi with dry fruits

20. Take some stuff in hand, squeeze it, oil and sugar syrup  will squeeze out and roll it into round ball

21. After rolling Laddoos keep them in open air for 10 to 15 minutes. This is also important because if you store immediately after rolling they might break after sometime. Keeping them in open air for some time helps them become firm

22. Also keeping Laddus in open air help the moisture if any in them to dry up and thus prevents formation of fungus after storing

23. Boondi Laddu recipe andhra style is ready. Store them in a container, shelf life is 10 to 15 days.

Boondi Laddu Recipe andhra style

south indian boondi ladoo recipe

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