Sunday, 20 January 2013

Semiya Payasam - Vermicelli Kheer - How to make Payasam

Semiya Payasam or Vermicelli Kheer is a very easy and quick dessert recipe quite popular in any south or north indian festivals or special occasions. You can make it on any regular day too. I have prepared this with loads of nuts and more of milk. Instead of frying vermicelli in ghee, roasted vermicelli is directly available in stores. You can use that too.


1. Semiya (Vermicelli) - 1 Cup
2. Milk - 2 Cups
3. Water - 2 Cups
4. Sugar - 1 n 1/4 Cup
5. Cardamoms - 4 to 5
6. Cashews - 10
7. Raisins - 10 
8. Almonds - 10 (Soaked in warm water for 20 minutes and peel off the skin and chop to fine pieces)

9. Ghee - 2 tbsps

Procedure for making Semiya Payasam:

1. Heat ghee in a bowl. Fry cashews, raisins and almonds to golden brown and keep aside
2. In the same bowl, fry vermicelli slightly. Take care not to burn the vermicelli

3. Add water and cook for 2 minutes until vermicelli turns soft

4. Add sugar to it and cook for another 2 minutes
5. Now add boiled milk and mix nicely
6. Crush cardamoms to a fine powder and add it

6. Finally add fried dry nuts and switch off the flame and serve Semiya Payasam


1. Do the entire frying and cooking in a low flame
2. Cook vermicelli in water instead of using milk, when it becomes soft just add the milk and give a stir
3. Cooking in milk thickens vermicelli to a paste, also don't stir the vermicelli often
4. Always payasam should be in drinking consistency which is preferred

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