Thursday, 10 January 2013

Double Ka Meetha - Ghee less version

Double Ka Meetha - I love to have a cup of double ka meetha in my evenings. Especially when I see some leftover bread in my kitchen I feel like cutting it brutally to make a tasty and yummy double ka meetha.

But I am afraid of deep frying the bread slices in heavy ghee. Since am calorie conscious I discovered this ghee less version. Of course taste of double ka meetha lies in deep frying but, I promise my ghee less version's taste is not too far from the deep frying version. And here's it...


1. Bread Slices - 6
2. Milk - 3 cups
3. Sugar - 3/4th cup
4. Cashews and Raisins - 10 each
5. Ghee - 2 tsps only


1. Instead of deep frying the bread slices I thought of toasting them :). Toasting lets the moisture off the slices as well makes them crispy even just like the ones we get after deep frying.
2. I used my philips bread toaster. On level 1 I toasted the slices twice. First time I toasted them normally till the slices flew up. During the second time, I was bit careful so that they may not burn or over toasted. 
3. Once done with toasting all the 6 slices twice, now cut the toasted slices using kitchen scissors to quarter triangles i.e., each slice to 4 pieces.
4. Now heat a kadai, add 2 tsps of ghee.
5. Once ghee is hot add cashews and raisins and fry them.
6. Dish out the nuts. Now you will find very less ghee in the kadai.
7. To this ghee slowly add 3 cups of milk. Add 3/4th cup of sugar to this milk.
8. Once milk starts boiling add toasted n chopped bread slices.
9. Add some fried nuts too to this and keep some for garnishing.
10. Mix well, it becomes mushy very quickly as we are droping them to hot milk. Do not over stir. Our double ka meetha is ready.
11. Dish out, garnish with fried nuts and serve hot.

Linking my recipe to : Sumee's Culinary Bites