Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Baking Essentials | A Christmas Gift

When I was a beginner to foodie blogs and especially the baking part, I saw a post in a foodie blog and got fascinated by seeing those baking essentials like Measuring Cups and Spoons, Cookie Tray, Baking Tins with different shapes such as Floral and Bundt pans, Muffin Moulds, colourful Ramekins, Cookie Cutters etc.
Baking Essentials - When I got some confidence after checking out my baking skills, I thought of buying baking essentials. It was a hard task to find a shop where I can buy baking accessories. I enquired in lot many shops and bakeries regarding baking accessories. On a christmas day my hubby succeeded in finding out the shop and here is my Christmas gift :).

Piping Bag and Nozzles:  

Baking Essentials