Friday, 21 September 2012

Banana French Fries | Raw Banana Fries | Green Banana Fries Recipe

Banana French Fries made of raw banana are good for health than made of potato. Also french fries of raw banana will be much crispier than of potato french fries.

Banana French Fries

Ingredients for Banana French Fries

1. Raw Bananas - 2
2. Salt - To taste
3. Oil - For deep frying

Procedure - How to make Banana French Fries

1. Heat water in a pan
2. Remove the skin of raw bananas and cut into 1/2*4 inch long thin sticks. (Just like potato French Fries)
3. Add salt to boiling water and add sliced banana sticks and boil untill banana sticks are 3/4rth cooked
4. Once done drain banana sticks from boiling water and pat dry on a kitchen towel
5. Now pack these banana sticks in zip lock cover and freeze them in the freezer for almost 4 hrs
6. After freezing for 4 hrs fry them in very hot oil untill they turn golden in colour
7. Once fried take them in a serving plate, sprinkle some salt and serve with tomato ketchup. Tasty raw banana french fries are ready to eat :)

Tips for Banana French Fries:

1. Whenever you fry any food item, place a laddle with holes in the hot oil and put the foodies in it and deep fry. Dropping foodies on the laddle helps the foodies to get fried evenly and with same colour  on all the sides. 

2. Bananas I used were a bit tender so I didn't fry them much hence they resemble potato french fries.

3. If u r gonna do potato french fries then follow the same procedure. 

4. For making french fries out of potatoes, you better use the non-starchy potatoes. Non-starchy potatoes will be having very thin skin, infact you can say the skin is not yet formed completely. 

5. Using such non-starchy potatoes help in getting golden crisp fries rather getting darker in color fries.

                                                  Banana French Fries

Green Banana Fries Recipe