Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chakkera Pongali

Chakkera Pongali is again a traditional flavoured rice cooked especially at times of pujas and vrathams in A.P.

Ingredients for Chakkera Pongali

1. Steamed Rice-1 cup
2. Milk-2 cups
3. Jaggery-3 tbsps 
4. Ghee-2 tbsps
5. Nuts(Cashews and Raisins)-10 to 12 each

Procedure - How to make Chakkera Pongali

1. Cook rice and allow it to cool down completely
2. Boil milk till 2 boils and allow it to cool down completely
3. Fry nuts in ghee
4. Crush jaggery to powder
5. Heat a pan and add jaggery
6. Add little water and allow jaggery to melt down completely. Not even one string consistency is required
7. When bubbles start coming simmer the flame and add cooked rice to it and start stirring so that rice gets cooked properly in the jaggery liquid
8. Now slowly add milk to it and be careful that milk doesnot whit
9. Cook for few minutes and add fried nuts to it along with the ghee used for frying nuts and cook again for few more minutes and switch off the flame
10. And here's ready delicious Chakkera Pongali a famous traditional sweet dish

Tips - Chakkera Pongali

1. In some kind of jaggery, salt is used in its preparation. When we add milk in the above case, milk starts whitting bcoz of the salt in jaggery. So care must be taken while choosing the kind of jaggery for Chakkera Pongali

2. We can use sugar(means "Chakkera" in Telugu) instead of jaggery but Chakkera Pongali tastes better made of jaggery than of sugar