Friday, 15 June 2012

Fruit Custard Icecream

Fruit Custard - I love fruit custard a lot :). My mom used to prepare it in my childhood. After getting married on one fine evening i tried it and in the very first try it was a big big hit :) hubby loved it and had 2 bowls full :).


2.Custard Powder-2 tbsps
3.Sugar-4 to 5 tbsps
4.Fruits-any as per ur choice and availability
   I used:
                     Bananas-2 (dice to fine cubes) 
                      (without bananas i feel fruit custard incomplete)
               and  Green Apple-1 big (dice to small fine cubes)

Grapes, Strawberrys, Oranges & Pomogranate seeds when added makes custard colorful

5.Dry Fruits-Cashews (finely crushed)

                 Almonds (finely crushed)
                Chironji (no need to crush)


1. Take 2 tbsps of custard powder into a bowl
2. From 500ml of milk, take 1/4 cup of milk and add to the custard powder & make a smooth paste
3. Boil remaining milk and add sugar
4. Keep flame low & add custard paste slowly into the milk. Stir continuously to avoid burning & cook it for 2-3 minutes
5. Switch off the flame, let it cool or refrigerate
6. Take Custard into a serving bowl, add finely chopped fruit pieces to it. On top add crushed cashews, almonds & Chironji and enjoy the tasty and delicious fruit custard

Serving Suggetions:

1. Add fruits to custard only before serving, which enhances the taste and also retains the freshness of fruits
2. Crushed cashews, almonds and Chironji gives extra yumminess


1. Depending on the amount of custard powder we use while adding it to the  milk to make a smooth paste, defines the flow of custard. I prefer adding only 2 tbsps of custard powder and not more than that to 500ml of milk. Custard when free flowing, tastes better rather than the thick pasty custard.

2. Also add custard powder to cold milk while making smooth paste. Dont add to hot milk. Lumps in hot milk make a disaster.