Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sheer Kurma

Sheer Kurma is a traditional vermicelli kheer prepared on the eve of Ramzan. The speciality of this kheer is, the kheer is prepared not by using the common vermicelli which is available in the markets but by using special vermicelli which is usually sold and available in the markets only at the Ramzan season. This special vermicelli will be very thin and fragile, available in both white and brown colors.

Sheer Kurma - Ingredients

1. Vermicelli-2 cups
2. Milk-4 cups
3. Sugar-2 cups
4. Ghee-3 tsps
5. Dry Fruits-Cashew nuts, Raisins, Chironji, Dates specially etc-1 tsp each
6. Fresh Coconut slices

Procedure - How to make Sheer Kurma

1. Fry vermicelli and dry fruits separately in ghee
2. Boil milk and add sugar
3. When sugar melts completely in milk add fried vermicelli to it
4. Stir for few minutes and switch off
5. Garnish with fried dry fruits, sliced coconut

Serving Suggestions :

1. Sliced coconut enhances taste further. You can fry it in ghee as well
2. You can add condensed milk(Milkmaid) 1/2 tin or 2 tsps if you are calorie conscious :P
3. Serves 4 people