Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jelly Candies Recipe-How to make orange flavoured jelly candy

Jelly Candies -  Lets get into the making of cool orange flavored jelly candy cubes.

Cool Jelly Candies

Ingredients for Jelly Candy:
1. Jelly Powder-1Pack(available in all super markets)
2. Water-2 Cups

1. Boil 2 cups of water
2. Pour Jelly powder from the pack in a mixing bowl
3. Add bubbling hot water to it
4. Stir properly with a whisk or spoon till the powder dissolves completely
5. Pour the liquid into moulds 
6. Jelly takes the shape of the mould. So which ever shape you desire, you can pour the liquid into such moulds
7. Cool down the liquid to room temperature for 15 minutes 
8. Now refrigerate the moulds untill jelly thickens
9. Cut along the sides of the mould and invert it on to a plate. Here's your favourite jelly ready
10. I poured the jelly liquid in small moulds and small jelly candies are ready

Serving Suggestions:
1. After refrigerating for 20 minutes when jelly starts thickening prick toothpicks on to the candies. When jelly candy is ready you can take it out and eat as a candypop. Children do like these candypops :)
2. You can make layoured jellies of different flavours. Make jelly liquids of 2 to 3 flavours. When a flavoured layour jelly forms, pour an other flavour over it and so on. I have taken the orange flavour as per my taste
3. Just add fruit pieces to the jelly liquid and refrigerate. Jelly with a fruit piece inside will be ready
4. You can do many such experiments with jelly liquid

1. Add hot water a cup or half less than what mentioned over the jelly pack. Else you wont get proper jelly