Friday, 23 June 2017

Eid Special Hyderabadi Sheer Khurma Recipe in Telugu | Sheer Korma Ramzan Special

Eid Special Hyderabadi Sheer khurma Recipe in Telugu or Sheer Korma Ramzan Special is a yummy dessert delicacy usually prepared on the occasion of Eid or Ramzan in all muslim house holds. Sheer Khurma (Korma) by name mean Sheer i.e. Milk and Khurma i.e. Dates. So in short this is a milk based dessert where Dates is the key ingredient. 

This recipe will be very yummy, muslims keep fasting in the month of ramzan. They consume food before sunrise and after sunset. And in the remaining time they neither eat nor drink even water too. So they consume energy rich foods when they eat, in order to stay healthy and hungry-free during the time they keep fasting. And the current dessert is one such recipe.

You can also check My Video on How to make Sheer Korma OR Sheer Khurma Recipe Hyderabadi step by step, Ramzan / Bakri Eid special below :

Dates in this dessert are rich in iron, prevents from anemia, gives energy.
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Veg Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi (Eid Special) - How to make Vegetarian Haleem with OATS, SOYA, DALIA at home

Veg Haleem recipe Hyderabadi with oats, soya and dalia is a most popular and authentic recipe of hyderabad and has become world famous. This haleem aka Harees is prepared world wide during the month of Ramzan festival in all the muslim house holds. Usually haleem is prepared with mutton or chicken being the key ingredient. 

But for vegetarians veg haleem has been introduced. Mutton Haleem and Chicken Haleem mandis (that is big stoves made of clay mud will be seen in every corner of a street in hyderabad during the month of ramzan) and will be cooked and served in large quantities. 

You can watch my video on How to make Vegetarian Haleem at home below:

Haleem is a very healthy recipe as lot of nutritional ingredients go into its making.
Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tomato Pappu (Dal) Recipe in Telugu - How to make Tomato Pappu (Andhra Style) in Pressure Cooker

Tomato Pappu (Dal) recipe in telugu is an andhra style tomato dal recipe where pigeon peas are cooked along with tomatoes. This is a very easy and yummy dal recipe with slight tanginess from tomatoes. Pigeon peas are cooked along with tomatoes, green chillies etc till mushy and is tempered with either oil or ghee. 

Some people will fry tomatoes, green chillies in the tempering and then will add the tempering to cooked dal. You can try either ways but I feel cooking tomatoes, green chillies along with dal makes these flavours get infused into dal.

You can view my video of making Tomato Pappu Recipe in Telugu (Andhra Style) in Pressure Cooker :                                                                          

This tomato dal is best served with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.
Friday, 16 June 2017

Dalia Upma - Broken Wheat Upma - Cracked Wheat Upma - Daliya for weight loss recipe

Dalia Upma recipe or Broken wheat upma or Cracked wheat upma recipe is originally a South Indian breakfast recipe. In different languages this recipe is known as godhuma rava upma in telugu, samba rava upma in tamil, Sooji Gothambu or Nurukku Gothambu uppumavu in malayalam, rave uppittu or sajjige uppittu recipe in kannada. This is a healthy, delicious and nourishing breakfast. 

Dalia is made from whole wheat grains and is rich in fibre that comes from the husk of whole wheat grains.

You can also watch this Dalia Upma preparation video here with step by step instructions.

Dalia recipe for weight loss is a must in your breakfast list as it is rich in fibre, low in fat, low in calories so good for weight loss.
Monday, 12 June 2017

Raju Gari Kodi Pulao - How to make Raju Gari Kodi Pulao andhra style at home

Raju Gari Kodi Pulao andhra style by name goes something like King's Special Chicken Pulao. This recipe has become most trending now-a-days in hyderabadi cuisine. This recipe i.e. Raju gari Kodi Pulao is originated from bhimavaram district which comes under coastal andhra region. Unlike regular chicken pulao recipes this Raju gari kodi pulao recipe will be a bit more spicier.

This Pulao will be very spicy and the spiciness comes from the green chillies we use. Garam masala powder adds some more spiciness. I used some red chilli powder as well. 

For making this raju gari kodi pulao recipe you can also watch my video with step by step instructions:

But if you want to skip chilli powder then you can make the whole recipe using hot and spicy green chillies only.